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DIDEM FOODS IMPORT EXPORT, established as a family owned company earlier in 1945, has began operations in 1984 Istanbul, Turkey as

  • Manufacturer of Turkish Delight, Dried Fig, Nuts, Spices and
  • Supplier-Exporter of a wide range of food stuff.

    High quality, crafted precision, product freshness, careful selection of the finest raw materials, respect and consideration for our customers: these are Didem Foods' "key words" and values.

    The customer is always at the center of our strategy. Didem Foods' relationship with its customers is based on longstanding and mutual trust, built up over the years with expertise, experience, understanding and intuition. This is a measure of Didem Foods' interest in customer needs, and this is a key factor of the company's success.

    Didem Foods' distinguishing characteristic is "think globally, act locally", a company which is both global and local, which focuses on international development, without losing sight of its relationship with local communities.

    Our constant attention towards customers' needs is the foundation of our company policy, inspired by maximum transparency and excellence in quality. A fundamental element of our success is the accurate selection of highest quality goods, after manufacturing or supplying process accomplished, we lead the export and transport operation until the goods arrived and placed on our customers warehouse, deal with every single detail in the whole process.

    Our loyalty towards customers and the trust they put in our products are at the core of the long-lasting relation that we enjoy with them.

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